Lady Gaga Diet Plan And Workout

Hey guys, welcome back to the website. Just like last time today, we will be discussing the fitness and health of another celeb. So, today we will be talking about the world famous singer Lady gaga. Again for those who are not aware of her and her achievements need not worry. I will tell you who lady gaga is. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (also known as lady gaga ) is an American singing sensation also recognized for her songwriting, dancing, and acting skills.

Gaga was born in Manhattan, New york in the year 1986. She started to sing and dance at a very young age, but it wasn’t until 19 that she decided to focus on her singing career. She left her college and recorded a couple of songs. Since then there has been no turning back for her. She got her first big break in the year 2008 when she recorded her first album The Fame.Over the years she has created several hit albums producing numerous super hit songs.

People love to see her perform. Her amazing singing and dancing skills have helped her to reach the heights of success people can only dream of. Buts that’s not what makes her so famous. Over the years Gaga has also gained popularity because of her weird sense of fashion and her well-sculpted body. For now, we will only discuss the about her health and fitness.

So, coming back to the main point of discussion ” whats is the secret behind the health and fitness of gaga “? After a lot of request from various people, I finally decided to look into this topic. People are crazy about gaga. They are dying to know the secret behind that six pack abs body. So for the sake of all those people, I am finally going to reveal the reason behind the health and fitness of gaga. Truly speaking it’s not that big of a suspense. Unlike any other celebrity, it’s a well-planned diet and a strict workout routine.For now, we will be only talking about Lady Gaga 5 Factor Diet

Just like a lot of celebrities Gaga also performs the 5-factor diet to maintain her fitness. I know this must be a new term for you, so let me explain it to you –
” 5-factor diet is a very popular diet plan. This famous diet was made by Harley Pasternak who is a well known Fitness trainer. The name 5-factor diet was assigned to this diet plan as it revolves around the numeric digit 5. Still confused? let me elaborate. The 5-factor diet states that a person should have 5 meals in a day, ( 5 days a week with 5 cheat days allowed over 5 weeks.)
The most important this is that it focuses on 5 criteria for meals i.e only sugar-free beverages are allowed, have adequate fibers, consume only lean proteins, have healthy fats and should consume a low level of carbs.
This healthy and nutritious diet is very effective. It focuses on the right spots of the body for health enhancement and weight reduction. This 5-week diet plan is very easy and can very easily blend into your daily lifestyle.
So if you wanna look as stunning as Gaga practice the 5 factor diet followed by a very light workout routine.Dont Forget To Take A Look at Selena Gomez Diet and Exercise Tips

Madonna Diet Secrets


Hello ! welcome back to our website guys. So just like the usual days, we will be talking about another famous celebrity. So today’s point of discussion is the ” secret behind the health and fitness of Madonna.” I am sure you all must be knowing about Madonna, for those who are unaware of their existence just read the introduction. The small piece of information will tell you all the important things you need to know about madonna and her lifestyle.
Madonna Louise Ciccone (also known as madonna) is an American-born Celebrity. Madonna is a sensational American singer also known for her other skills of songwriting, acting and business handling. The Multitalented Madonna is world famous because of her talents. Now let’s take you a little back into her life. Madonna was born in Michigan, U.S.A in the year 1958. As a kid, she was too much into acting and dancing, but it wasn’t until 1978 that she decided to become a singer. Madonna got her big break in the year 1982 and since than there has been no downfall for her. Madonna also owns a world record of best-selling female recording artist of all time, by having sold over 300 million records worldwide. Madonna Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Madonna Diet Secrets

I guess the introduction would have given you a brief idea about who Madonna is. Now coming back to the point of discussion that ” what is the secret behind the health and fitness of Madonna”. The answer to this is not so difficult, but the hopes and expectations of people for this topic made me quite nervous. Madonna has billions of fan worldwide and everyone is extremely curious about the secret of her fitness.
We know Madonna has a gorgeous figure. The 58-year-old Madonna still looks as glamorous as she looked in her old days. She has successfully managed to defy her age with her appearance. The biggest secret behind this is that she is not going easy. To look like her you need a lot of commitment, discipline, determination, hard work etc. Madonna has overlooked her family for years, just for the sake of maintaining her perfectly sculpted body. Some of her interviews reveal that Madonna is insane when it comes to her fitness. She is all about her diet plans and workout routines. So, for now, we will leave behind the workout and focus only on the Diet plan of Madonna.


Madonna follows a very strict diet routine known as Macrobiotic diet plan. She has a lot of restrictions when it comes to eating habits. She is strictly against fizzy drinks, manufactured or refined food, fast food, junk food etc. It’s been 25 years since she has been following this diet plan. Some people say Madonna has a divine power which helps her to avoid the craving for all kinds of food. Madonna only eats food made by her special Japenese chef, who follows her everywhere she goes.

Coming back to micro biotic diet. This is a very special diet format based on Japenese eating style. This is a strict vegan diet, where the person is only allowed to have vegetables, fruits, grains etc. According to it eat animal flesh is banished.
Micro biotic diet plan focuses on the consumption of minimum no. meals. A person can not have more than 2 meals in a day. He / She must not focus on having numerous little meals, instead of it just 2 strong meals to get enough energy for metabolism inside the body. ( some scientific studies have proven that, it helps to reduce the chances of cancer for women)Madonna’s Breakfast- Oats, millets, brown rice, wheat berries etc.)
Madonnas’ Dinner – Green beans, Buckwheats, Soy, quinoa etc.Now as good as this diet may sound, it has some negative side to it. As this diet does not include a lot of vitamins, a person following it for a long period of time may suffer from vitamin deficiency disease like scurvy, kidney failure etc.